UZDOC Study Visit at the University of Granada

The Granada Study Visit was held in Granada, Spain, from 9 to 15 April 2015. This study visit was designed in a way to combine theory with practical hands-on sessions and to ensure interaction and two-way communication between the participants and speakers/trainers.

The meeting discussed topics such as internationalisation, interdisciplinarity and doctoral schools, and it also established the basis for the elaboration of the Centres for doctoral education, a deliverable of the UZDOC project.


The University of Granada was the hosting institution of this study visit, which closed the second phase of the UZDOC project.


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DAY 1 - 9 APRIL 2015


DAY 2 - 10 APRIL 2015

DAY 3 - 11 APRIL 2015


DAY 4 - 13 APRIL 2015


DAY 5 - 14 APRIL 2015



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