Karshi State University


Karshi State University is located in Karshi city (South of Uzbekistan). It was founded in 1956 as Karshi State Pedagogical Institute. I receives the status of a university in 1992. There are 8 departments at the University, with 29 Bachelor programmes and 7 Master programmes. Now about 6.500 Bachelor's degree, 100 Master's degree and 11 Post-graduate students are being educated at the university. There are more than 474 members of academic staff employed at the University at the moment, 191 of whom hold a PhD degree.  

In the University the scientific area has been actively developing since 1993 when Postgraduate study was established. In November 2010 the Postgraduate study was renamed into Institute of trainees, researchers and competitors. In 2012 7 trainees-researchers-competitors in 7 research fields entered the Institute. Nowadays 122 competitors lead their research activity on approval of Scientific Council of the University programmes.

The university is co-operating actively with the councils of Germany, Korea, France, Russia, Great Britain and its Higher Education Institutions.

What is the Karshi State University's contribution to the project?

Karshi State University will provide necessary expertise and input in all essential project activities, and will be actively engaged especially in dissemination and exploitation activities.

Karshi State University will also create a centre for doctoral education at its own institution.