Tashkent Financial Institute


Tashkent Financial Institute is the only basic educational institution in the Republic of Uzbekistan preparing bachelor and master graduates in finance, banking, taxes, insurance, accounting and audition. Today, almost 500 professors lead their pedagogical activity by teaching 6400 students and 883 master students. Furthermore, nearly 100 independent researchers and 20 PhD students lead an innovative scientific research to solve issues in finance, banking and tax system of the country. Currently, Tashkent Financial Institute has practical experience in teaching business executives and accountants. The Institute organizes video conferences and distance learning classes.

Tashkent Financial Institute has to date established many international partnerships with Higher Education Institutions from United States, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, India and Kyrgyzstan, as well as from EU countries: Germany, Belgium, England and Greece.


What is the Tashkent Financial Institute's contribution to the project?

The main role of Tashkent Financial Institute will be coordinating the exploitation of the project. Together with the Ministry, Tashkent Financial Institute will be the main responsible for the creation of the exploitation plan and will coordinate the creation of centres for doctoral education at Uzbek Higher Education Institutions.

Moreover, Tashkent Financial Institute will be the host of the first study visit in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Financial Institute will also be the main responsible for translating the relevant documents from English to Uzbek and the other way round. Tashkent Financial Institute scientists and researchers will also give assistance to develop innovative suggestions and advice on cooperation between enterprises of any forms and Higher Education Institutions. TFI can turn into a crucial organization which would play an important role on developing scientific ideas and suggestions to businesses in the fields of finance, banking and accounting to minimize expenses while attaining social or economic efficiency.